Large Stevenson Instrument Screen


The Fairmount “Large Stevenson Screen” was initially designed to house manual and semi-automated instruments such as Hygrometers, Barographs and Thermohygrographs.

Since the Minamata Convention’s Global Treaty on the phase-out of mercury by 2020, Hygrometers are now being replaced with Intellisense® hygrometers; a direct replacement for mercury-filled insturments both within Stevenson Screens and also soil thermometers.

For more information on the Intellisense® Kit please (click here.)

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Manufactured from high quality wood, double louvered construction and painted in reflective white paint.

External Dimensions : 122(w) x 50(d) x 59(h) cm. (approx)
Internal Dimensions : 100(w) x 30(d) x 42(h) cm. (approx)
Weight : 40kg (approx)

Ordering Information:
FM6350 Large Instrument Screen May also be required :
FM6351 Steel Stand